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Over 2,000 years ago the famous Greek physician Parmenides, states "give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease." To suffer at age 20 of a cold is a mistake. To suffer at age 50 of multiple scleroses is ignorance. And to die at age 80 or infections is a shame!

Hello, my name is David Muresan and I am the founder and inventor of the Scientific Research Foundation. Please take a moment to look around and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Part A) Technology Side. (about 20%)

1) Patent new Ideas. This includes David Muresan’s ideas and other people ideas. Specific, David Muresan will instruct prospective inventor how to apply for a patent.

2) Build prototypes of existing inventions. David Muresan will use the corporation facility and his technology skill to transform ideas in products. David will build his car engine without pollution which recently was rejected by German company Volkswagen and Ford Company. David will build his new idea about a bicycle and more. Once the prototypes will work we will not use anymore foundation money.

3) Expose his achievements to public. That will include a museum in his foundation facility where David Muresan will be presented his and others inventions and prototypes built so far.

Part B) Software Side. (about 10%)

1) Develop Software. This includes the new software ideas to meet the new exigencies in digital pictures. The base will be David Muresan invention about Digital pictures smoothing.

Part C) Human Health Side. (about 70%)

1) Explanation of Human Health Problems. This will use David Muresan ideas about Human Health to find the mechanism of illnesses and to have a scientific explanation.

2) New Approach for Cure of Illnesses. This will use the conclusions of the above analysis to propose a practical solution to cure illnesses. The observation made by David Muresan so far is enough to proof his ideas beyond a reasonable doubt.

3) Specific Application of health ideas. These new ideas will be used in different health problems such as: Autism, Cancer, MS, Brain Development, Infertility, Impotence, Depression, Pains, Aging, and so on.

4) Grants for Research of this new idea to cure illnesses based on the immune system enhancement. Foundation will give grants to student in health, nurses and doctors to collect information from science books and observations to enrich and expand the scientific idea to let the immune system to fight infection. The results may change deep the actual practice of bypassing the immune system by medication only.

Here are three of David Muresan patented inventions and the Health Trilogy


Electric Motor Patented in 1972


This tape recorder built by David Muresan uses Single Phase motor as in the inventions above.

This tape recorder will be exposed in the Foundation Museum



Fig a are the enlarged pictures by picture replication.

Fig b are the enlarged pictures smoothed with Cornel university PhDs

Fig c are the enlarged pictures smoothed with my invention presented below.




Health Trilogy.

Three main concepts cover all what we need to know to live healthier.

They are:

            1) Low  body temperature.

Body cells having 330 C instead of 370C may get infection (1.1).

Nerves, brain included, having a temperature lower than 370C may become numb. (1.2) or even atrophied (1.3)

Pain is a nerve’s suffering produced  by: nerve’s damage(1.4), pressure on nerves within an inflammation (1.5),  due to bacteria waists within an infected area (1.6), and due to some substances that create the pain sensation (1.7) .

Body cell membrane is less flexible at low temperature (1.8) and also if it contains saturated fats (1.9).

At low temperature cells do not function properly (1.10).and even may die, but if it is not enough heat to decompose completely may remain pieces of cells. (1.11).

At lower temperature molecules within the body move slower (1.12).and fewer molecules reach the necessary destination to form organs (1.13).and the human development will be slower or even incomplete. (1.14).

            2) Elevated body temperature.

Elevated tissue temperature helps immune system to heal infections. (2.1)

Nerves, brain included, having elevated temperature are healthy and

sensitive. (2.2)

            3) Body temperature.

Body temperature is a measure of the heat produced in the body (3.1)

minus the heat lost to the environment (3.2).

  All the above statements are covered by quotes from science books except the statement “Pain is a nerve’s suffering “ which is obvious because if no nerves are hurt, then no pain. If we cut an area without nerves, such as nails, hairs, we cannot experience any pain.


These pictures will emphasis the health ideas used by my foundation.

I had an accident on my fingers. I had emergency room suture my finger.

Doctor order was to take pain killers, and antibiotics. Also was indicated to have bandage over my fingers. I did not respect any of the doctor idea and I use my own ideas and in 7 weeks the fingers were completely healed.

A book of David Muresan





People can live healthier and much longer.
(because there are no illnesses just ignorance)

"Over 2, 000 years ago "the famous Greek physician,
Parmenides, stated ‘give me a chance to create
fever, and I will cure any disease."

Author’s Credo “To suffer at 20 of cold is a mistake, to suffer at 50 of MS is an
ignorance, and to die at 80 of infections is a shame”

David Muresan


About the author:

The author of this book is David Muresan:
David was born in the village Gilau, district Cluj, on March 03-1945.

His parents, Ioan and Virona were peasants. They came from a middle class family. His grandpa was called buta, which in Hungarian language means stupid. He was called stupid because he used all his money to buy land.

David graduated from Polytechnic Institute from Cluj in 1972, as electro-mechanic engineer. At this Institute David has as teacher a Romanian inventor called Kelemen, who invented a step ac motor. David thought how to do Kelemen’s motor to have a smooth running, and for the final exam he presented a procedure to vary the speed of ac motors by frequency. In 1972 David got his first invention patent in Romania.

In 1972 David started a job as designer in IAMU Blaj company. In 1975 David started a teaching job in high school #1 in Blaj. Here he had as director, the engineer Stanea Valeriu, a very intelligent person and a sympathizer of David. Valeriu is a person to whom David can speak reasonable.

David main hobby was to build tape recorders.

In 1978 he thought to use his invention to drive a tape recorder. His inventions was too complicated for such a job, His invention was a three phase motor having 6 thyristors, and David came with an idea to build a device using just two thyristors to supply the motor with variable frequency. In 1979 David got his second patent for a single phase ac motor with variable speed.

David participated to several expositions in Romania with his inventions. At the international fair from Bucharest in 1980, David presented an electric motor and a tape recorder. Six ministers saw his work but on the opening day, they avoided to show to Romanian’s president, Ceausescu, David’s work. In that moments David decided to leave Romania and to immigrate in a developed country

David got a passport in 1983 and he wanted to immigrate in USA but his wife wanted in Switzerland. David applied for a visa to Switzerland, but he got 7 refusals from Switzerland within 5 years. The last one was from the Switzerland’s Supreme Court, acknowledging that David wish to immigrate to develop his inventions because the Romania’s conditions was not favorable for such a work.

Below is presented David’s Tape recorder and a single phase electric motor presented at the international fair from Bucharest in 1980 This tape recorder has 3 speeds and continuously adjustment between speeds.

single phase motor tape                                              recorder using this motor

Below are the schematics of David’s three options of his motor.

Three phase, two phase, and single phase. The three phase and two phase are powerful motors used for industrial machines. The single phase is less powerful and is used for electronic devises, such as tape recorders.


In 1988 David immigrated in USA. He knew that in USA you have to accept any work. In the fist year David work in California USA as custodian in a high school, cleaning carpets, boards, toilets, and many more. One year later he worked as electrician in a school district in Seattle, Washington state.

One year later David graduated a computer repair training and worked as technician until 1997, when he started his own business in long term care. He had 6 people in his house and he had to take care of them. In this period David started to think of a profession in human health. He took several classes of human health to become a nurse. In this period David did a thoroughly study of human body and did observations upon his own body and the people in his care. His results was remarcable. He kept a lady alive 7 years and she died at 103 years of age.

In 1995 David had another 4 ideas and 3 years later he got USA patents. Now David has a total of 7 patents and another 7 ideas which are more sutible for this time of human necessity. We can mention a car engine without pollution and an imprvment of the bysicle.

Below is David’s main patent about an Analog to Digital converter using floating voltages, ptented in USA. The digital bits are arranged like in decimal numbers and the total number of components are reduced very much, from 9999 to 56.


This book is a synthesis of David work in human health and is presented due to his main credo, saying: to be sick at 20 is a negligence, to be sick at 50 is an ignorance, and to die of 80 of infections is a shame.

The declared purpose of this book is to help peope to live helthier and longer. The observations from this book may solve the human probems such as: human development (to have children with better brain), prevention, and cure of diseases.