Human Health

1) Explanation of Human Health Problems. This will use David Muresan ideas about Human Health to find the mechanism of illnesses and to have a scientific explanation.

2) New Approach for Cure of Illnesses. This will use the conclusions of the above analysis to propose a practical solution to cure illnesses. The observation made by David Muresan so far is enough to proof his ideas beyond a reasonable doubt.

3) Specific Application of health ideas. These new ideas will be used in different health problems such as: Autism, Cancer, MS, Brain Development, Infertility, Impotence, Depression, Pains, Aging, and so on.

4) Grants for Research of this new idea to cure illnesses based on the immune system enhancement. Foundation will give grants to student in health, nurses and doctors to collect information from science books and observations to enrich and expand the scientific idea to let the immune system to fight infection. The results may change deep the actual practice of bypassing the immune system by medication only.